June 2013

Jake Kelly (3.1) has a poem in Salt Hill 30.

Ben Tanzer’s (4.2) book You Can Make Him Like You (Artistically Declined Press, 2011) was reviewed at HTML Giant.

A piece written for Father’s Day by J.E. Reich (3.2) was reposted by Thought Catalog.

Alex Lemon (4.1) & Kimberly Bruss (4.2) have poetry in the latest Tin House.

Nik De Dominic (4.2) was featured in press street for his teaching at the Orleans Parish Prison.

Jane Wong (3.2) has poetry in The Ostrich Review and Anti-Poetry.

shoney lamar (1.1) and his band have released a new song via their bandcamp page.

Alia Hamada (1.1) has poems in Amethyst Arsenic 3.2.

Brandi Wells (4.1) has fiction and Kathleen Rooney (1.2) has non-fiction in the latest Indiana Review.

A poem co-written by Kathleen Rooney (1.2) with Elisa Gabbert appears in the latest interrupture.

How We Light, a chapbook from Nick Sturm (3.2) is available for pre-oder from H_NGM_N Books.

Olivia Kate Cerrone (3.1) has a story in the most recent issue of VIA: Voices in Italian Americana.

Our own Ian Carlos Crawford (GS Non-fiction Editor) read at Stonewall Inn on Sunday, June 23rd in NYC.

Poetry Editor Sophie Klahr has poems up at B O D Y.

Our friends at Rose Metal Press have chosen a titleThe Voyager Record, by Anthony Michael Morena, GS Fiction Reader, to be published in Spring 2016.