May 2013

Robinson Alone, a poetry book by Kathleen Rooney (1.2), has won the 2013 Eric Hoffer Book Award in Poetry.

Toby Altman (3.2/4.1) has poetry in the latest issue of Bodega.

Justin Lawrence Daugherty (4.1) has a book, Whatever Don’t Drown Will Always Rise (Passenger Side Books) releasing June 3rd.

Laura Goode (3.1) co-produced and wrote a film Farah Goes Bang whose director won the Nora Ephron Award at the Tribeca Film Festival. Read this review of the film.

Both Chrissy Friedlander (3.1) & Carrie Murphy (3.1) have poems in the latest issue of Big Lucks.

Carrie Murphy also has a poem, “Clay Queen”, that was Bucks’ Downs Literary Pick of the Week.

Read a great personal essay via  Thought Catalog, “We Are People We Could Have Loved” by J.E. Reich (3.2).

The Offending Adam featured the work of Leigh Phillips (2.2) online recently.

Adam Falkner (1.2) and other poets involved in the Poets in Unexpected Places project were featured in this NYTimes article about the project.

Jane Wong (3.2) has a book of poetry out called Kudzu Does Not Stop (OW! Arts). She also won the 2013 Merdian Editors’ Prize for her poem “Crown of Light”.

Matthew Mahaney (3.2) has two poems for you to read at Paper Darts.

Olivia Kate Cerrone (3.1) was awarded a residency fellowship to Ragdale.

Theadora Siranian (1.1) was shortlisted by the Summer Literary Seminars and received a partial fellowship to either Lithuania or Kenya.

John Myers (3.2) has a poem “Diorama” up at The Bakery.

Line Assembly is a project featuring poets Anne Marie Rooney (2.1), Adam Atkinson (2.2), and others (Ben Pelhan, Lillian-Yvonne Bertram, S.E. Smith, and Zachary Harris.) This summer, they will tour the midwest, mid-atlantic, and northeast, giving readings, performances, and free poetry/literary arts workshops at libraries and community spaces around the country.