November 2013

F. Daniel Rzicznek (2.1) has a poem in Birdfest Issue 8.

Adam Moorad (2.1) has a very short story in the new matchbook.

Cheena Marie Lo (1.2) has a new print journal in the works, HOLD a journal.

Ben Tanzer (4.2) and EIC Kimberly Ann Southwick have work in the new Sundog Lit. Ben also has a book of essays Lost in Space forthcoming from Curbside Splendor.

Kathleen Rooney (1.2) has three poems co-written with Elisa Gabbert in Split Lip Magazine.

Eireann Lorsung (4.1) has a piece featured in Birkensnake 6.

Poetry Editor Sophie Klahr was a finalist for the Stadler Fellowship at Bucknell University.

Candice Wuehle (3.1) has poems up at similar : peaks :: .

Jane Wong (3.2) has three new poems in this month’s ILK journal.

Matthew Mahaney (3.2) has a paperback edition of his poetry book Your Attraction to Sharp Machines (BatCat, 2013) coming out this December.

Matt Charles (3.2) has a story featured in the new anthology Flash Fiction Funny, edited by Tom Hazuka.

Angela Readman (4.1) has an interview up at teesvalley.

Helen Vitoria (2.2) has two poems up at Grist Journal‘s online companion.