October 2013

Kimberly Bruss (4.2) has two poems in Verse Wisconsin.

William VanDenBerg (4.1) has a story “Z” up at Hobart.

Noelle Kocot (4.2) has new collection titled SOUL IN SPACE now available from Wave Books.

Jim Daniels (2.2) had a poem featured this month on Verse Daily.

Ben Tanzer’s (4.2) new book ORPHANS drops from Niu Press on 11/5!

Matt Tompkins 4.1 GS story “Hybrid Morphology” was reprinted and discussed on the Minotaur’s Spotlight.

J.E. Reich (3.2) wrote about “Being Queer and Jewish in Ultra-Orthodox Brooklyn” for the Huffington Post.

J.E. Reich (3.2) also has an eBook out via Thought Catalog, The Demon Room.

Karissa Morton (4.1) had a poem up recently at Guernica. She also co-founded and writes for a blog called Poets on Sports, which our EIC Kimberly Ann Southwick writes for also.

Two Serious Ladies features three poems by Laura Goode (3.1) & one from our EIC.

Kimberly Ann Southwick, our EIC, also had a poem up at Revolver, where Alex Lemon (4.1) had a poem recently, too.

Poetry editor Sophie Klahr and Jane Wong (3.2) have work in the forthcoming  broadside issue of 1110.

Ken Taylor (3.1)has a  poem  nominated for Best of the Net and a poem published at Finery, the online journal of Birds of Lace.

Liara Tamani (4.2) has a story “Hungry Sunday” up at Knee-Jerk.

Chris Peck (1.1) has a new song up on his site for you to download “…And We Laughed”. He is also playing a show in NYC on Oct. 23rd.

On Wednesday nights, shoney lamar (1.1) hosts the 3penny open mic at a new location in Somerville: Radio Downstairs.