Spotlight: Éireann Lorsung

The winners of our first annual poetry and fiction contests were awarded an online space in the shiny Gigantic Sequins online universe, in which to present any type of work, interview, collaboration or etcetera that they desired. Poetry editor Sophie Klahr talked to Éireann Lorsung, our winner for poetry, and below, we present the result of their conversation.


Sophie:  Part of what draws me to your work is your attention to natural tension, nature taking place… equal attention devoted to the passage of time in geological structure as in the bodies of the living. I would love if you could show / tell me more about your attention to those elements and their recurrence in your work.

In reply, Eireann sends me something long and beautiful, pieces from a book in progress.

Screen shot 2013-03-29 at 3.22.22 PM

 I ask her to choose pieces of the work that she feels best speak to my question, and maybe some images that chime with her sensibility. She sends back what appears below, along with a note on her excerpts.  

Eireann: The poem is part of a series of poems in this form, all of which have very long titles. They are long poems, too. I am trying to figure out what memory is and how it is active in the body, landscape, objects…how it happens in intersections that are hardly present at all. It was strange to choose three sections out of a poem that has maybe 20 sections because they feel integral to one another. In the end, they are all rubbing around the same question, though, which is probably something like ‘how did we get here’ or ‘what am I going to do now, knowing what I know’ or ‘what do I know’.


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