We recommend that you peruse a copy of Gigantic Sequins before sending us your best work. We keep our issues affordable so that that YOU can afford a copy. Pick one up at a bookstore or an event. You can also subscribe to our journal or buy an issue via our online store, where the price includes shipping & handling. As a writer, knowing what we like to publish before choosing what to send only makes sense. Another way to dig what we like, besides purchasing an issue, is to browse the selected work we have archived online.

Gigantic Sequins is currently OPEN for submissions.


  • We only accept work electronically via the great Submittable
  • If you submitted recently and haven’t heard from us in 4 months, you may query us at giganticsequins [AT] gmail [DOT] com.
  • We accept simultaneous submissions as long as you tell us (via your form on Submittable, which you can access in the email that is automatically sent to you after submitting) when your work has been accepted elsewhere ASAP.
  • Please only submit once per genre  per submission period.
  • Please see each genre’s guidelines on our Submittable page.
  • We pay in one copy of the magazine in which your work appears.
  • We retain first serial rights, and all rights revert back to author/artist upon publication.

Our open reading periods are usually from June 1-September 1 and December 1-March 1, but these dates are subject to change.

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