Issue 10.2 Contributors!

Hello! We are pleased to announce the contributors to issue 10.2 of Gigantic Sequins!  Here they are…!


It’s the end of the summer, shiny people, and we’re hard at work getting out our next issue. While it’s far too hot to even deal, our creative non-fiction contributors haven’t been slowed down. Here’s a little taste of what they’ve been working on:

Jake Little (8.1) has a mesmerizing new piece called “During my shift at the Circle K, a young girl asks for cigarettes” at Rabble Lit!

Justin Carter from 7.2 has two pieces of micro prose the New South Journal called “Memory In Which Nothing Happens” and “Slow Erosion”.

Alex McElroy (5.2) is busy writing reviews for the Atlantic! Here’s one he did on a debut novel about the dark side of athletic greatness called Stephen Florida.

Maia Dolphin-Krute from 8.2 wrote a book about “illness not as a metaphor” called GHOSTBODIES, which you can order directly from the site!

J. Bradley (7.1) has work that made the “longlist” over at WIGLEAF!

Lastly, an enormously heartfelt congratulations to Colette Arrand (6.2), who released her book HOLD ME GORILLA MONSOON and enjoyed a fantastic reading tour earlier this summer.

We’ll see you all this coming fall, Shiny Fam, for issue 9.1 and even more contributor news!

GS 8.2 Contribs! Upcoming Events!


Debuting this summer, our 8.2 issue will feature work from the following talented folks:


GS is psyched to be tabling at the NOLA Poetry Fest, whose book fair runs from 10am-5pm on Friday 4/21 & Saturday 4/22. Hope to see you soon in New Orleans!

GS is also excited to announce that they’ll be hosting at reading at this year’s NYC Poetry Fest on Governor’s Island, which operates from July 29-30th. Our featured readers will be Emily Brandt, Kayleb Rae Candrilli, & Zoë Bodzas.


GS 8.1 Contributors

We’re psyched to announce the contributors for our 8.1 issue, debuting this winter!

ART: Yokim Snow, Sarah Shields, and Miguel Angel Soto

COMICS: Jason Hart and Anna McGlynn

FICTION: María Isabel Alvarez, Andy Myers, Elizabeth Gibson, Kim Hagerich (5th annual Flash Fiction contest winner), and Saul Lemerond

CNF: Benji Alvey, Jacob Little, and Bailey Pittenger

POETRY: Zoë Bodzas, Kristi Carter, Brian Clifton, Emily Corwin, Dan Encarnacion,  Dana Fang, p.e. garcia, Marlin M. Jenkins, Paige Lewis,  Xandria Phillips (5th annual Poetry contest winner), Katie Prince, and Michael Martin Shea


Holy moly! It’s that time! This news went out via the GS monthly newsletter yesterday–and now it’s live, right here, on the internet, for everyone to see! The issue is forthcoming this summer, so keep your eyes peeled for a pre-order link in June. Meanwhile, bask in the glories that are the…


FICTION: Christopher D. DiCicco, Kathryn Hill, & Pete Stevens

CREATIVE NON-FICTION: Amber Taliancich Allen & Justin Carter

POETRY: Liz Bowen, Paul Cunningham, Logan Fry, Tracy May Fuad, Jennifer Hanks, Kamden Hilliard, Patrick Martin Holian, Alyse Knorr, Laura Kochman, Muriel Leung, Lupe Méndez, & Jameka Williams

ART: Maeve Myfawnwy Broome, Arielle Lipset, & Jessica Elizabeth Moore

COVER ART: Andreea Stan

BOOK REVIEWS: You’re the Tower by Christopher Lowe (Yellow Flag Press, February 2016), reviewed by Dustin Hyman; Aspects of Strangers by Piotr Gwiazda (Moria Books, 2015) and I Hate the Internet by Jarett Kobek (We Heard You Like Books, February 2016), both reviewed by Craig Chisholm


Happy end-of-October! Piles of leaves, buckets of candy, and plenty of reasons to celebrate our Gigantic Sequins poetry contributors! Here’s how they’ve been shining this past month:

Elizabeth Hoover (2.1) was named a poetry finalist for the the Fall 2015 Orlando Prize!

You can preorder THE OPPOSITE OF LIGHT by GS 3.1’s Kimberly Grey from Persea Books.

GS 5.1’s Rachel Mennies has a poem in the current issue of Poet Lore!

Karissa Morton‘s (4.1) poetry manuscript Amuse the Darkness was a finalist for the 2015 Akron Poetry Prize.

Morgan Parker’s (5.1) second book of poetry will be published in 2017 by Tin House Books!

Alison Strub‘s (6.2) chapbook Lillian, Fred was a finalist in a recent BOAAT Chapbook competition & will be published in 2016.

GS 3.2’s Jane Wong has three poems up at Entropy Magazine and a new poem up at The Seattle Review.

You can now preorder NATURALISM, a new chapbook debuting 11/15 from GS 3.2’s Wendy Xu, through BAP!

And many GS affiliates have work in Dusie issue 18: Gina Abelkop (3.2), Denise Jarrott (7.1), Karissa Morton (4.1), Emily O’Neill (5.1), Morgan Parker (5.1), Meghan Privitello (3.2),Kimberly Ann Southwick (GS EIC), Nicole Steinberg(6.2), & Candice Wuehle (3.1) !

And here’s some Shiny Editor and Contest Judge News to boot:

GS 2nd annual poetry contest judge Jericho Brown is a headliner for the Festival of Words 11/5-7 in Louisiana!

GS 3rd annual poetry contest judge Dawn Lundy Martin is going to edit the PEN Poetry Series!

Check out GS 6.2 Guest Poetry Editor Sommer Browning in the Denver Post reading poetry!

Meet Me Here at Dawn, a poetry collection by Sophie Klahr (GS Contributing Editor), was recently announced as the YesYes Books finalist offered publication to! It will be out late 2016-early 2017.

efs & vees, a chapbook by Kimberly Ann Southwick (GS EIC) is now available from its publisher Hyacinth Girl Press. They’re having a BOGO sale right now, too, so get two great chapbooks for the price of one! Kimberly was also recently interviewed over at Mojo.


Our poetry contributors have been sparkling all over the place! Here’s what they’ve been up to this past August:


Snaps to GS 3.1 poet Candice Wuehle, whose book FIDELITORIA: fixed or fluxed was named a CSU Poetry Center’s 2015 First Book Poetry Editor’s Choice finalist.


Toby Altman (3.2/4.1) has two new great chapbooks out this month: Tender Industrial Fabric (from Greying Ghost) and Same Difference (from Shirt Pocket Press).


Congrats on the publication of the poetry book Actual Cloud via Salò Press by Dalton Day (6.1).


At the Poetry Foundation blog, they asked questions concerning poetry & culture & a few GS contribs have weighed in, including Nick Sturm (3.2), Carrie Lorig (6.1), and Meghan Privitello (3.2).


2 poems by Doug Paul Case (4.2) can be found at the Minnesota Review.


Over at The American Scholar, Jordan Sanderson (4.2) has a stanza featured in a “Caravan of Dreams,” a co-written canto.


The current BORT Quarterly features poetry from Nicole Steinberg (6.2), Adam Soldofsky (4.1), & Jeremy Schmall (2.1).


Dig this interview with GS 6.2’s Bianca Stone via The Public.


Editor-in-Chief Kimberly Ann Southwick has relocated from Philly to Lafayette, LA, where she’s begun her first year as a PhD student in Creative Writing Poetry via the excellent English program at University of Louisiana at Lafayette.


Contributing Editor Sophie Klahr is doing a second residency at the Art Farm in Marquette, NE for the month of September, working on her kaleidoscopic non-fiction and lyric memoir Over And Under And Then Up For Air.


Poetry Editor Christine Friedlander’s intermedia poetry project AVANT GAUZE will be published in 2016 as a part of Magic Helicopter Press’ Ted Hawkins Innovative Poetry Series.

Have some shiny poetry news that you want displayed on our metaphorical refrigerator door? E-mail or tweet poetry editor Christine Friedlander. Believe me, she’s already beaming with pride.  


Greetings, glitterbombs! Here is what some of our poetry contributors have been up to recently: 

GS 6.2’s Bianca Stone was recently named a 2015 Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Poetry Fellowship finalist. Fellowship recipients will be named on September 1st. Fingers-crossed!

You can now preorder GS 3.1’s Carrie Murphy’s poetry collection FAT DAISIES from Big Lucks!

Check out GS 1.2’s Kathleen Rooney’s take on Sarah Blake’s MR. WEST and “the enigma and inaccessibility of celebrities” in “High and Low” over at The Poetry Foundation

PELICAN by GS 2nd annual poetry contest winner Emily O’Neill got a great review over at The Rumpus.

Dalton Day has some poems in the 1st issue of Potluck Magazine.

GS reader Dylan Weir took 2nd place in the Great Lakes Review Poetry Prize! Congrats, Dylan!

GS 5.1’s Morgan Parker has 3 poems for you to read in the latest Paperbag Journal.

GS 4.2’s Doug Paul Case has two poems in the 2015 issue of The Minnesota Review.
Looking for the perfect gift for the literary luminary in your life? GS Reader Ariana Scholl’s Hearth and Hammer Literary Candles can now be found in select Chicagoland Targets. Check out Hearth and Hammer’s website for more details.


GS 4.1’s Toby Altman is in this new ALL-POETRY Sporklet from Spork Press.

Jim Daniels (GS 2.2) has a chapbook of poetry Apology to the Moon out from BatCat Press.

The second printing of GS 6.1 contributor Dalton Day’s chapbook FAKE KNIFE is underway! Get your hands on a copy here.

6.1 Contributor and 3rd Annual Poetry Contest Winner Carrie Lorig’s first book The Pulp Vs. The Throne is forthcoming from Artifice Books July 28th. Check out her upcoming book tour dates with Alexis Pope!

GS 4.1’s Karissa Morton has 3 poems in the newest issue of Devil’s Lake.

GS 5.2 contributor Tanya Muzumdar’s poem “Halloween Night at the Pink Pony” appears in Bayou Magazine.

GS 5.1’s and 2nd Annual Poetry Contest Winner Emily O’Neill has two poems in Powder Keg Magazine and a poem in the latest Interrupture Magazine.

GS 1.2 contributor Kathleen M. Rooney’s “Don’t Fuck with the Babysitter: A Love Letter” appears at The Toast.

GS 6.2 poet Nicole Steinberg has 4 poems in the latest Powder Keg Magazine.

GS Poetry Reader Dylan Weir has a poem in the latest Cleaver Magazine.

Carolyn Williams-Noren’s chapbook Small Like a Tooth, can now be found at BoneShaker Books in Minneapolis! Williams-Noren appeared in GS 5.1.

Manuscripts by GS 3.1 contributors Candice Wuehle and Christine Friedlander were named finalists for the Tarpaulin Sky Press 2015 Book Prize. Excerpts of Wuehle’s BOUND and Friedlander’s manuscript AVANT GAUZE are featured in Tarpaulin Sky Press Magazine’s IN UTERO section.

GS Contributing Editor Sophie Klahr recently won Washington Square Review’s 2015 poetry contest, selected by Eduardo C. Corral. She also has a poem in Ninth Letter, and two poems in Tupelo Quarterly.

Announcing… the GS 6.2 Contributors!

GS 6.2, dropping this July, will feature the following wonderful and talented folks:


Greg Allendorf

Iris Cushing

Joe Lennon

Nicole Steinberg

Oren Silverman

Bianca Stone

Alison Strub

Chris Tonelli


Nina Barnes

KC Trommer


Gabrielle Bates Poetry Comics

Ingrid Jędrzejewski Flash Non-fiction


Leslie Doyle

Devin Kelly


Laura Citino

Janet Frishberg

Paul Arrand Rodgers

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