GS 2015 Pushcart Prize Nominations

Congrats and good luck to the Gigantic Sequins 2015 Pushcart Prize nominees:


Dalton Day “Career Day” (from issue 6.1, January 2015)

Carrie Lorig “Fear is the Beginning of Devotion / of a Dedication” (from issue 6.1, January 2015)

Joe Lennon “IAmA” (from issue 6.2, July 2015)


Kara Vernor “Ants” (from issue 6.1, January 2015)

Devin Kelly “Sugar Bears” (from issue 6.2, July 2015)


Becky Wills “And Violets Are Blue, Roses Are Red, the Daisies Are Yellow, the Flowers Are Dead” (from issue 6.1, January 2015)

Winter Series Contests in Poetry Comics and Flash Non-fiction: Results!

Flash Non-fiction

WINNER, selected by Mike Doughty
“Appropriation” by Ingrid Jendrzejewski
Laura Citino “Several Folk Taxonomies”
Paul Rodgers “Magenemite”
Doug Paul Case “Indiana, Newly Spring”
Kayla Haas “Powerlines”
Melissa Moorer “Dog Lover”
Meg Reid “Summer Boat”
Sarah Glady “Volta”

Poetry Comics

WINNER, selected by Bianca Stone
Gabrielle Bates “As When Gone Wildabouting”
Kaveh Akbar & Nikki Gardner “Mostly Hypothetical”
Patrick Williams “Redactions”
Kaveh Akbar & Nikki Gardner “Human Teeth.”
Paul Siegell “Catherine Quirk”
Peter Friedman “Pillow Carnival”
shoney lamar from Outlook Good
Lea Graber “Fuzz”
Raychelle Duazo “What Holds You To Us”
Prizes for our 2 winners include swag from Flying Groundhog and powerHouse Books in addition to publication and a cash prize. Stay tuned for more information on our upcoming summer contests in flash fiction & poetry!