Submissions OPEN for TEEN SEQUINS 2020!

DRUMROLL PLEASE! Teen Sequins is back from hiatus and OPEN for submissions!

Since our initial feature in 2015, Teen Sequins has received over 500 poems submitted by teenagers across the globe, as far-reaching as India, Singapore, and New Zealand! Open to writers between ages 14 through 18, Teen Sequins will feature one poet per day in each age category during a week in September, with ALL submitting writers receiving honorable mention! Participation in Teen Sequins is a distinction that any teen could happily include in a college or summer program application as evidence of ambition, independence, and unique talent.

If you are a teenager between 14 – 18, we’re looking for your poetry!

And to those of you over 18, whether you’re student, a teacher, a parent, a pal, or all of the above, please share this submission call with the teens in your life!

Check out our previous features, see our FAQ for questions, and submit!

Everywhere All of the Time

Gigantic Sequins, as someone reading this may be aware, is nominally based out of Philadelphia, where Kim does her editor-in-chieftian thing. But GS is really sort of everywhere all the time. Our editors, designer, and readers are all over the world (Chicago, New York, San Fran, Israel, wherever Shereen happens to be, I know I’m missing more). So how do we get it all done, you, hypothetical question asker, ask on the Internet? Let me tell you!

First of all, I have barely met the rest of the GS staff. Kim has stayed in my home for AWP and she came and watched me read “Air” at Trident Booksellers in Boston when I was but a wee author in this journal. I think I’ve met Sophie once? Everyone else I have seen live exactly one time. Hey look, there we all are, the one time we all saw each other at once:


(Sophie is nothing but a name, an abstract thought that exists in the world.)

But yes, so I have not met pretty much everyone I work with (including our many readers), so how do we make it work, which is what you, hypothetical question asker, asked before?

Well, GS makes use of various web technologies to put together the magic behind the scenes. Let me break it down in case any of you ever want to put together a bi-annual print journal without ever being in the same physical place.

Our submissions are managed by Submittable, and it works pretty well (at least for me)! I use it to leave bad jokes for Kim and to talk to the readers (who are awesome at letting us know how they feel about the work writers have graciously submitted to us). It is a better system than the one we had when I was a reader, which involved the editors putting together a packet pretty much every week of all the submissions and emailing it to readers. This is also probably a better system because each open period we have, our submissions have increased by anywhere from 30-70 stories (at least on the fiction side).

Outside of our submissions manager, we all keep in touch via email and all the social medias (and the occasional text when things are super important). I am bad at Twitter, but everyone else is good at it, so I just ride their coattails and log in for retweets when I remember. Same with Facebook, come to think of it. I am a crotchety old man somehow.

So, thanks to the Internet, we are all basically in touch whenever we want to be. All major decisions happen via much discussion and deliberation over email or at our new editor’s meetings (where we also wear crowns and dog masks). Really, it’s pretty amazing how well we all work together when none of us are ever actually together.

So to sum it up in a final pithy sentence:  We are a black & white print journal that lives in the future.