AWP 2023 Shiny Fam!

Check out the Gigantic Sequins Shiny Family at the following #AWP23 events, on and off-site!

We can’t afford to be there this year, but we’re so proud of all of our past contributors, contest judges, editors, readers, etc. who will be participating in these events. Check as many out as possible!


12pm/on-demand: Arisa White, panel: Bodies in Archives: Researching Personhood, Researching as a Person

12pm/on-demand: Aram Mrjoian, panel: We Are All Armenian Launch


6pm: Katie Prince, off-site reading: Inspired by Iceland: A Multi-Media Poetry Reading

6pm: Mag Gabbert, off-site reading: City Feet, Swamp Mouths: A Louisiana Regional Offsite Reading at AWP

7pm: Jose Hernandez Diaz: Quarter After 8 Launch Party & Reading


9am: Kimberly Gray, panel: Poetic Experiments: Incorporating Play into Writing and Teaching

1:45pm: Mónica Gomery, panel: Jewish Diasporist Poetics

4pm: Isle McElroy, off-site reading: The Future is No One

5pm: Alina Stefanescu, off-site reading: AWP: Wandering Words & Wild Euphony

6pm: Dorothy Chan, off-site reading: Diode Editions Presents: Poetry

9pm: Muriel Leung & Ronaldo V. Wilson, off-site event: Nightboat All Night


9am: Caits Meissner, panel: Those who can…TEACH, Sponsored by WITS Alliance

10:35am: Saul Lemerond, panel: Not Lazy and Stupid: Atypical Minds Fighting for Space on the Page

1:45pm: Gabrielle Bates, panel: So You Want to Publish a Poetry Collection

1:45pm: Jericho Brown, panel: How We Do It: Black Writers on Craft, Practice, and Skill, Sponsored by the Hurston/Wright Foundation

1:45pm: Jose Hernandez Diaz, panel: “Surprised by Joy”: The Generative Writing Workshop

1:45pm: Rachel Mennies, panel: The Best of All Worlds: Partnering to Support Presses, Nonprofits, and Writers

1:45pm, Maurice Carlos Ruffin, panel: How Writers of Color Use Humor To Tell Their Stories

3:20pm, Caits Meissner, panel: Through the Walls: Working Equitably with Incarcerated Writers

3:20pm: Dustin M. Hoffman, panel: Wonderfully Weird and Small: How to Build a Thriving Small Press

5pm: Gabrielle Bates and MICHAEL CHANGE, off-site reading: We Keep Beginning • An AWP 2023 Offsite Event

5:30pm: Cheryl Clark Vermeulen, off-site reading: The Word Works

6pm: Ronaldo V. Wilson, off-site reading: MarginShift Presents: an AWP off-site with Counterpath Press

7pm: Arisa White, off-site reading: The Wilds—Pleasure, Power, and the Erotic—Celebrating Miah Jeffra’s American Gospel

7pm: jay dodd, off-site reading: AWP: Group Reading with Nightboat, FC2 and The Elephants

7pm: Alyse Knorr & Kathleen Rooney, off-site reading: Switchback, Futurepoem, Action, VOLT, Jellyfish, Boa, & Everybody: AWP Off-site Extravaganza

7pm: Sommer Brownding, off-site reading: Rendezvous: An AWP Offsite

7pm: Gabrielle Bates, off-site reading: Brooklyn Poets AWP Seattle Offsite Reading

7:30pm: S. Brook Corfman, off-site reading: Autumn House Queer Nature Anthology

7:30pm: Kristina Langley Mahler, off-site event: AWP Offsite

8pm Jose Hernandez Diaz, off-site reading: Harbor/Acre Poets AWP Off-Site Reading: Where the Sea Meets the Land


9am: Kayleb Rae Candrilli, panel: From Poe and Plath to Meds and Co-Pays: Poetry and Mental Illness

10:35am: Jericho Brown, panel: Growing the Garden: Paying Tribute to Joanne Gabbin and Furious Flower

10:35am: Wendy Xu, panel: Poets of Chinese Heritage: A Reading

12:10am: Alina Stefanescu, panel: Writing Abortion in the Wake of Roe

3:20pm: Keetje Kuipers, panel: Begin Again: New Editors on Taking the Helm, Sponsored by CLMP

3:20pm: Saul Lemerond, panel: The Nuts and Bolts of Podcasting: Practical Advice for Teaching Out Loud

3:20pm: Isle McElroy, panel: Laughter in the Time of Suffering: Writing Humor from the Margins

5:30pm: Jennifer Fliss, off-site off-site reading: Words with Music…And Friends

6pm: Maurice Carlos Ruffin, off-site reading: Glitterati

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