Still Life with Book

#StillLifeWithBook is a little corner of our blog where GS contributors and staff share a snippet and a snapshot of their current reads.


Carly Mayer | 6.1 Art Contributor 

Reading: Zappa: A Biography by Barry Miles | Currently on page: 105 | Favorite lines so far: “He sat there, powerless, seething with anger at the American ‘justice’ system and playing an imaginary guitar. He dreamed up power chords so loud and ugly that they’d tear the bars right out of the walls, so they could all escape to freedom” (87). | Book’s origin: A gift from a friend.


meg willing | Art & Design Editor  

Reading: [INSERT] BOY by Danez Smith | Currently on page: 81 | Favorite lines so far: “& on the ninth day, God said Bitch, werk & Adam learned to duck walk, dip, pose, death drop, Eve became the fruit herself, stared lions in the eye & dared to bite // & on the tenth day, God wore a blood red sequin body suit, dropped it low, named it Sunset // & on the eleventh day God said guuuurrrrrl & trees leaned in for gossip, water went wild for the tea, & the airtight with shade // & on the twelfth day, Jesus wept at the mirror, mourning the day his sons would shame his sons for walking a daughter’s stride, for the way his children would learn to hate the kids” (from “GENESISSY”) | Book’s origin: YesYes Books.

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