Greetings, glitterbombs! Here is what some of our poetry contributors have been up to recently: 

GS 6.2’s Bianca Stone was recently named a 2015 Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Poetry Fellowship finalist. Fellowship recipients will be named on September 1st. Fingers-crossed!

You can now preorder GS 3.1’s Carrie Murphy’s poetry collection FAT DAISIES from Big Lucks!

Check out GS 1.2’s Kathleen Rooney’s take on Sarah Blake’s MR. WEST and “the enigma and inaccessibility of celebrities” in “High and Low” over at The Poetry Foundation

PELICAN by GS 2nd annual poetry contest winner Emily O’Neill got a great review over at The Rumpus.

Dalton Day has some poems in the 1st issue of Potluck Magazine.

GS reader Dylan Weir took 2nd place in the Great Lakes Review Poetry Prize! Congrats, Dylan!

GS 5.1’s Morgan Parker has 3 poems for you to read in the latest Paperbag Journal.

GS 4.2’s Doug Paul Case has two poems in the 2015 issue of The Minnesota Review.
Looking for the perfect gift for the literary luminary in your life? GS Reader Ariana Scholl’s Hearth and Hammer Literary Candles can now be found in select Chicagoland Targets. Check out Hearth and Hammer’s website for more details.

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